Our Process

Getting to Know You and Your Vision

At our first meeting, we know that listening and learning about our client’s vision and ideas, as well as understanding their business ensures a more efficient and top quality project.

What to Expect

  • 1. Project Site Visit

    Once we've met and listened to your vision, it’s time to make a site visit. We want to learn as much as we can about your project before we begin, and any information you can give us will help us deliver the best results.

  • 2. Create the Plan

    Once this initial phase is done it’s time to put a recommendation plan together for you. We will show you concepts, initial estimates, monuments for the project and other early details about the project. In the weeks that follow, and working with you, we will refine our plan and its details based on your concerns, budget and needs.

  • 3. Project Approval

    Once you have approved the plan, giving us the official green light to start the project, we will begin the process of obtaining permits and building materials, as well as preparing the site for work.

  • 4. Getting to Work

    Now it’s time to get started! Our sole focus is bringing the first stages of your concept and vision to life. We encourage you to visit the site as often as you like. Some of our clients want to be very involved in every step of the way, while others want to remain in the distance. Either way works with us. If you do stop by, please tour the site with a member of our team so as to ensure your safety.

  • 5. The Work Pays Off

    Once construction is complete, we take a detailed walk through the site with you to ensure all the final touches are identified and scheduled for us to complete. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied.

We Pride Ourselves in Long-Standing Partner Relationships

Having as much experience in Eastern North Carolina as we do doesn’t just guarantee better quality construction; by leveraging our community contacts, we’re also able to keep costs at a minimum. Our broad vendor and sub-contractor network extends hundreds of miles, and we will call on them if needed.

Pre-Construction Services

At Truss Buildings, LLC, we utilize our experience to provide comprehensive pre-construction services. This type of pre-project work allows us to better understand your unique requests and determine ways we can keep costs at a minimum while still meeting all of the project objectives.

Pre-Construction Process

  • Create Project Construction Drawings and Seek Approvals
  • Draft all Project Construction Documents
  • Perform Project Site Analysis and Budget Development

Our pre-construction process is vital to keeping your project on time and on budget. It also ensures that throughout the project we are thinking of all aspects of the building, from look to function. It is this attention to detail and upfront work is what helps set Truss Buildings, LLC apart from other companies and gives you the peace of mind that you’re getting quality construction services from one of Eastern North Carolina’s leaders in commercial construction.

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